The “Greens” made many changes in the summer. Velimir Jaec became the technical director, Itzhak Shoum was the coach. The roster was noticeably renewed with the newcomers Papadopoulos, Sanmartean, Morris, Gonzalez and Minch. Additionally Olisadebe, Constantinou and Seitaridis remained from the previous season.
The “Greens” were walking “hand in hand” with the “eternal” during all the season. The derby of the second round at Leoforos finished without a winner
(2-2). After a lot of suspense the competition was completed giving a happy end to Panathinaikos, who won the away matches against PAOK and Proodeftiki as well as the last one against Paniliakos disputed in the city of Pyrgos. Last minute’s hero was Emmanuel Olisadebe.
In 2004’s Championship the following players participated: Chalkias, Nikopolidis, Kotsolis, Seitaridis, Minch, Vyntra, Kyrgiakos, Goumas, Morris, Henriksen, Kotsios, Papadopoulos, Zoutaoutas, Sanmartean, Konstantinou, Bassinas, Sapanis, Olisadebe, Fyssas, Konstantinidis, Maric, Gonzalez, Watzycha, Gittas, Vlaovic, Mikaelsen, Deba, Epale.