Panathinaikos still enjoys the first place of the Super League’s scoreboard, after winning 3-1 Asteras Tripolis, at “Apostolos Nikolaides” stadium, for the sixth match day of the Greek championship!

The main difference for the “Greens” is that in the wake of all other results they are now in the first place of the championship’s scoreboard alone. It is the first time this has happened after four and a half years, since 2011-12 season precisely.

Ledesma was the… penalty golden player in both occasions, while Berg scored in a sixth consecutive home game for Panathinaikos in the championship. It has to be mentioned that Reis debuted in this match wearing the jersey with the “Shamrock”, although this was due to Coulibaly’s injury…

These weren’t enough…

In the first half of the duel, Panathinaikos showed that the fatigue (which the players probably had) due to the recent match against Celta de Vigo, was not an issue. In the contrary they were the unique rulers of the game. The team played pressing deadly their opponent, circulating the ball extremely well and crossing continuously from the edges, without getting any threat at all.

Berg scored almost… upon leaving the dressing rooms. His goal was of a great help to the “Greens” and as a matter of fact the team was able to score at least in two more occasions with Berg and Villafañes…

Finally the… much desired goal was scored by a penalty won by Villafañes and transformed into a goal by Ledesma, some minutes before the respite. During the first half the ball possession was 68%-32% and the attempts to score 9-2, in that same period!

and… we had a “thriller” for a while

In the second half, Asteras Tripolis entered the pitch without any anxiety, trying to score quickly in order to be again in the game, in spite of Farina’s expulsion, by a direct red card, in the 10th minute.

Asteras was lucky, though, as Berg missed a nice opportunity to score and Ibarbo’s shoot was stopped by Kositsky’s post. Asteras Tripolis achieved their goal thanks to a well executed penalty by Ioannides, as they played well for a while during the match.

Zeca -in an unbelievable reaction- cut the opponent’s chance to score a second goal. Panathinaikos finally, by controlling the game in the last 20 minutes, was able to “end” the match getting the three points after one more successful penalty executed again by Ladesma!

PANATHINAIKOS: Steele, Coulibaly (11’ Reis), Koutroumbis, Ivanov (70’ Moledo), Hult, Zeca, Ledesma, Ibarbo (77’ M’Poku), Lod, Villafañies, Berg.

ASTERAS TRIPOLIS: Kositsky, Silva, Bertos, Kourbelis, Giannoulis, Tsoukalas, Hamdani, Kaltsas (61’ Stanisavlievic), Farina, Masa (46’ Tsilianides), Ioannides (75’ Godo).

Have a look at some shots taken during the game: