Panathinaikos achieved an easy victory 4-0 against Kissamikos in Chania and has been qualified for the quarter finals of the Cup of Greece

With a fresh breeze due to the transfer of Victor Klonaridis and the strength given by its young players (Chatziyiovannis, Evangelou, Pispas and Miggos),

Panathinaikos has shown seriousness, transforming the game in just a typical procedure from the moment it didn’t leave to Kissamikos even the slightest possibility to react. Marinos Ouzounidis used newcomer Klonaridis in the lineup team together with the youngsters Evangelou and Chatziyiovannis.

The team of Panathinaikos used hearty Klonaridis as its main engine and taking advantage of some rifts in Kissamikos’ defense, opened the score in the 42nd minute by a goal of the latter. This was the first goal scored by a Greek player for the season. It is important to note that this player scored the respective one last season, as well!

In the second half Panathinaikos pressed in order to achieve more goals, being able to do so very early. In the 57th minute Klonaridis assumed the task to create giving the one to execute to 20 year old Chatziyiovannis, who scored his first goal playing for the first time with the first team. The victory was granted and the evolution of the game gave the opportunity to Panathinaikos’ coach to give a rest to some players, calling two more players from the Academy, Miggos and Pispas to enter the pitch. The latter did an ideal debut with the first team, scoring a goal in the 77th minute! A minute later Boumal scored his first goal for the season getting to 4-0, which was the final score of the match.

The teams:

KISSAMIKOS: Politis, Bolakis, Yialoussis, Pantelakis, Tsontakis, Nguem, Martinez, Vlachos, Mantzis, Pokong, Stoyianov (69’ Kike Boula).

PANATHINAIKOS: Steele, Marinakis, Evangelou, Moledo (66’ Koutroumbis), Hult, Reis, Boumal, Zeca (61’ Miggos), Chatziyiovannis, Klonaridis (58’ Pispas), Rinaldi.