The target of Panathinaikos, after its negative start in the championship, is to look only for victories! Following its win in the away match against Lamia, the “Greens” celebrated their second consecutive victory, against Apollon Smyrnis, by 1-0 in a match held at OAKA, the Olympic Stadium of Athens.

Lazlo Boloni used as starting lineups three players coming from the Club’s Academy: Zagaritis, Chatziyiovannis and Alexandropoulos. During the game two more “rookies” Serpezis and Karayiannis entered the game as substitutes: this was the “baptism of fire” for the latter wearing the Green jersey!

Concerning the image of the duel, Panathinaikos might not have impressed with its performance but won thanks to a penalty shot by Chatziyiovannis. It is important to say that in its second consecutive game the Shamrock kept its goalposts intact.

From the very beginning of the duel, it was clear that Panathinaikos’ task wouldn’t be easy as it had to confront a hard team. There were very few nice moments till the 27th minute. It was then that Chatziyiovannis by a nice personal effort forced Brousic to reject the ball with his arm. The referee whistled a penaltyThe striker was the one to shoot it sending, in a splendid way, the ball into the net!

The image of the duel did not change till the end of the first half, neither during the whole second half. The “Greens” committed various mistakes in their passing game, in the middle of the field and thus were close to score again only in two occasions, but the heads of Schenkeveld and Carlitos drove the ball away from the rival goalposts. Therefore, the final score 1-0 offered one more victory for Lazlo Boloni’s team, having now 9 points in the scoreboard.

Panathinaikos: Dioudis, Μollo, Schenkeveld, Pouggouras (77′ Κarayiannis), Ζagaritis, Chatziyiovannis, Μauricio, Αlexandropoulos (58′ Serpezis), Xavier (77′ Villafañez), Μacheda (73′ Αitor), Carlitos.

Apollon Smyrnis: Verhoulst, Tsambouris, Dominguez, Lisgaras, Brousic, Baxevanidis (81′ Lagos), Slivka, Fatjon (74′ Koll), Bentinelli, Fernandez (46′ Ιoannidis), Τsiloulis.