In a rather hard derby with a lot of suspense between the two “eternal rivals” of the Greek football, with a 115 minutes duration, Panathinaikos drew 0-0 against Olympiakos in “G.Karaiskakis” stadium, in Piraeus for the 5th match day of the Super League. In spite of many absences for Panathinaikos (Velez, Ioannidis, Dioudis, Kotsiras) its players expressed passion, determination and devotion in the pitch and stayed intact in that away match.

The Greens have had some good moments to score in the first half and thanks to the very good appearance of their defense they were able to keep their goalposts without letting any goal in, leaving the stadium after gaining a precious point.

Following a seven minute interruption in the begging of the match due to the massive use of flares by Olympiakos’ fans, the game restarted in a very slow rhythm. Though from the 15th minute on both teams accelerated trying to enter one into the box of the other. Olympiakos tried to threaten the Greens in the 15th minute with a head by Sisse and in the 23rd minute by a head of Aguibou Kamara, but both went out.

The second half started but was interrupted again due to the use of flares and smoke producing devices. When the game started again the rhythm was very slow till the 70th minute. In that minute Lala sent the ball in Brignioli’s crossbar. The Italian goalie was ready again in the 72nd minute to stop a shoot of Reabciuk from the wing. Brignioli was even much more impressive in the 77th minute as he stopped a powerful shoot of A. Kamara from the box.

Olympiakos had the ball possession and pressed a lot but the Greens have been extremely efficient, especially defense wise and were not threatened by their rivals till the last whistle of the Slovenian referee of the duel.

Οlympiakos: Vachlik, Lala, Papastathopoulos, Cisse, Reabciuk, Bouchalakis (99′ Roni Lopez), Μ. Κamara, Α. Κamara (90′ Κounde), Μassouras (81′ Valbuena), Τikinho, Εl Arabi.
Panathinaikos: Brignioli, Sanchez, Sarlija, Pouggouras, Juankar, Αlexandropoulos, Perez, Vital (99′ Αitor), Chatzigiovannis (79′ Μacheda), Palacios (79′ Lundqvist), Carlitos (93′ Μαuricio).