Panathinaikos dominated the team of PAS Yiannina in a home match held at Leoforos ground. A well-deserved and important victory by 2-0, has situated the team in the fourth place of Super League’s Ιnterwetten championship, having a postponed match still to be played. Mauricio and Sanchez were the scorers for the Shamrock in a match held at “Apostolos Nikolaides” stadium.

The Greens had the absolute control of the game; ball possession was (69-31%), being calm and with a good competitive spirit they were efficient both offensively and defensively, getting a nice victory. It is important to mention the return of Bart Schenkeveld as a starting lineup player, after his game against Aris on the 12 of May 2021.

Panathinaikos played very correctly, pressing high and blocking PAS attacks. In the second half the Greens opened the score in the 54th minute with a header by Mauricio, which was the fourth goal for the Brazilian midfielder. In the 69th minute Panathinaikos scored a second goal again by a header of Sanchez. The game ended 2-0 offering the Greens a wonderful victory.

Panathinaikos: Brignioli, Juankar, Velez, Schenkeveld, Sanchez, Ruben Perez, Μauricio (90′ Αlexandropoulos), Villafanez, Palacios (80′ Chatzigiovannis), Αitor (67′ Μacheda), Carlitos (67′ Vital).

PAS Yiannina: Lodigin, Saliakas, Pantelakis, Κarachalios, Κargas, Dominguez, Perea (76′ Mendes), Moreira, Schneider (85′Lolis), Μiliceanu (86′ Liassos), Gardavski (73′ Brener), Peersman.