Panathinaikos was unfair with himself at Panthessalikon stadium and has been also treated in an unjust way by Dutch referee Higler. The Greens lost 3-1 from the team of Volos. The Shamrock was superior during 33 minutes losing a lot of good chances to finish the game victoriously from the early beginning.  Panathinaikos committed many foolish mistakes letting in three easy goals…

It is important to mention Sanchez’s unfair expulsion in the 44th minute.

Panathinaikos started the match offensively dominating the game from the first minute with several good efforts by Palacios, Aitor, Velez and Sanchez. The latter had a duel with Barrientos and was unfairly expelled by referee Higer, getting a red card while he was not deserving even a yellow one… Several errors committed by the Greens, though, in various moments were crucial and gave the opportunity to Volos to score with Van Veert, in the 34th and 78th minutes respectively and with Oroz in the 95th minute. Panathinaikos scored in the 93rd minute with Palacios who executed a penalty gained by Chatzitheodoridis who was blown down by Ferrari.

The Greens experienced a loss after three consecutive victories in Super League’s Interwetten championship.

Volos: Κotnik, Ferrari, Romero, Gullen, Purita (54’ Bartolo), Barientos (69’ Soares), Τsokanis, Regaten (85’ Τereziou), Fernandez, Οroz, Van Veert.

Panathinaikos: Brignioli, Sanchez, Κotsiras, Schenkenveld, Velez, Αlexandropoulos, Lundqvist (46’ Chatzitheodoridis), Villafanez (84’ Ruben Perez), Αitor (70’ Vital), Palacios, Μacheda (69’ Ιoannides).