He introduces himself to the fans and reveals the involvement of Kolev and Bonev into his transfer.In his first statements, officially as a player of Panathinaikos, Ivan Ivanov, the Bulgarian defender, talks about the new harbor in his career and his decision to say “yes”. He outlines his sporting profile and refers to his … fate, hoping that it is going to be … green!

“I am very happy as now I belong to Panathinaikos. I want to come back to the highest level and this Club gives me the possibility to do so. I am going to play again in Europe and I hope to help the team to achieve its targets both in Greece and in an international level “, the new player of the “Shamrock” told www.pao.gr, initially

How would Ivan describe … Ivanov the footballer? What do you think that distinguishes you and what do the fans of Panathinaikos should expect from you?

“I have big ambitions, I work hard to achieve my goals and this is what I intend to do now. I consider that my greatest asset is my mind. I can easily adapt myself to the requirements, and I dispose of the necessary experience to cope with the difficult situations of a match … Beyond that, certainly my job is to organize the defense and offer a sense of confidence to my teammates. Additionally, off the pitch I do not like to be “boisterous”, perhaps I am not such an “extrovert” character, but that’s ok. Surely I will be here to give advises to the younger players. “

You said before that you are looking for an essential restart in your career. Many players had the same “need” in the recent past; they came to the team and were finally recompensed. Are you looking forward to something similar?

“What can I say? Perhaps this is my destiny as well. Certainly, this may be one of the reasons that I find myself in Greece during this season … Panathinaikos is a great team, well known in my country and abroad, the fact that the team helps players to emerge again is very positive both for me in person and for the team, as well. We are going to … help each other”!

Panathinaikos normally does not accustom to acquire players from the Bulgarian market. How did you take the decision to come here?

«Of course I have done my … reportage, you know! I come from Lokomotiv Plovdiv and my coach there was Hristo Kolev. Besides, the chairman of the club is Hristo Bonev. A great … Panathinaikos fan, so… (laughs). As you can understand when they heard about Panathinaikos’ offer, both of them told me “go; don’t think about it twice! You are not going to have such an opportunity again.” Then, there wasn’t any other decision for me to take….