Having just signed his … future with Panathinaikos, for the next three years, Niklas Hult spoke to www.pao.gr about his new professional environment, his … relationship with the “Shamrock” and the number 13. He also mentioned what we should expect from him…

Panathinaikos has a long and good tradition regarding players from Scandinavia: Berg is the last example… What do you expect from this partnership?

“First of all I am very happy to be here, in such a big Club. Of course I know about this “special” relationship between Panathinaikos and Scandinavia and of course I would like to add my “small stone” in order to continue this tradition… “.

You have a special relationship with number 13, which is perfectly interwoven with Panathinaikos and its fans. This is a good reason for them to … adore you! Would you like to send them a message?

“What can I say? maybe it is … my karma to be followed by this number! I don’t like to talk too much; I feel that my teammates and I, must do our best to train hard and to achieve our goals, at the end. However, I must say that I look forward to play for our fans; I have heard that they are the best here in Greece! “.

How would you describe yourself from an athletic point of view? Which are the strong points in your game and in which field do you think you can perform better, according to the elements for which Andrea Stramaccioni has selected you?

“First of all, I want to credit not only my coach but also all those who have trusted in me. I cannot disclose … my secrets (laughing). I can only tell you that I am left- footed and I play across the side. My great skills, I would say, are that I am very speedy and naturally very fit”.

This is the third transfer in your career, after Elfsborg and Nice, hoping apparently that this one will be the… best. What do you expect in order to be satisfied at the end of the season?

“I have signed for Panathinaikos because I think this is the right move at the moment for my career. I hope that at the end of the year, I will be vindicated for that decision! Of course I want to win the championship above all, but also to have a good performance in Europe is equally important … Panathinaikos is a great Club and I know that if I succeed here, I will have the opportunity to return to the national team of Sweden”.