The Argentinean midfielder did not hide his desire to become an important part of the history of Panathinaikos, underlining the role Andrea Stramaccioni has played in his decision to say yes to the “Shamrock’s” proposal.”

Here are his statements at large:

What has probably counted a bit more to your final decision in accepting Panathinaikos’ offer?

“The presence of the coach was decisive for me to decide. Of course, the fact that Panathinaikos is a very big club with a great tradition played a very important role, as well”.

There are many demands on you due to your “rich” CV and the abilities you have shown as a player, to date. What do you think you can offer our team?

“I have a great desire to play and offer to Panathinaikos. I can promise that I am going to give 100% of my strength for Panathinaikos. I have a 15 year experience at a high level and I believe that I can offer all my experience. Of course, I am going to learn and receive things from Panathinaikos. “

Which are the impressions you have so far from the team?

“I am feeling the mood that exists and the great effort made for the club to grow even more and to win titles. What has very positively impressed me is the work the coach is doing and I believe that through this work we will achieve all together important goals”.

You have celebrated two Cup victories but not a Championship; this is a trophy recently missing from Panathinaikos. Do you think that … it’s time to go for it?

“I think that all this must be proven in the pitch. It is too early to talk about this. As a person I do not want to make promises, what I want is to prove on the pitch that I and the team can achieve high targets”.

What message would you like to send to the fans?

“I am going to do everything I can for the shirt of Panathinaikos. I am very happy with this new page in my career”.