Jose Carlos Gonçalves Rodrigues did his first statements to our official website, immediately after… the renewal of his stay at Panathinaikos and the signature of his agreement with the “Shamrock”.

The Portuguese midfielder spoke to about the new… happy event, revealing his desire to become one day a point of reference for the fans of Panathinaikos, mentioning the three best moments he lived in the Green team, till the next ones will come…

Although this is obviously not the first time you sign a contract, which are your first feelings after signing the extension of your cooperation with the team?

“For me this is a very nice moment. It’s something I liked very much to happen, everyone knows that this is my “home” and I wanted to stay for many years in Panathinaikos! Although this is my third contract with the team, I feel like coming for the first time to the offices. Like a… rookie who just turned professional”.

By signing this contract and when it will come to an end, you will complete eight years in Panathinaikos becoming one of the longest-serving foreign players of all times, like Rocha or Warzycha and Vantsik! Were you really expecting to have this course in the team when you first came?

“Really? (laughing). Certainly I did not expect it. By that time I was a young boy who was just coming to a big Club. This is always hard because you meet new players, a new environment and you don’t know how things will go… Luckily, everything went well and so… I’m still here. Of course it is an honor for me to have my name next to players with history, who offered a lot to Panathinaikos, though I don’t feel as worthy as they were! I have to work hard to win titles and then we will see if I will appear in the pictures…”.

You have celebrated the win of a Cup, but not of a championship; a distinction to which Panathinaikos is always looking for. Do you think that this year … it’s time to turn it to reality and which are your goals in general?

“Dude (talking in Greek), my goal- and the one of all of us, I would say – is to be qualified into the Europa League group stage. This is a priority, it is very important for everyone in the team! Beyond that, certainly, I wish to win the championship. I cannot promise that; however, I can promise that we will all going to “fight” as much as we can. We will give everything for Panathinaikos and its fans in order to be happy at the end of the season”.

Carlos, you have played over 200 games for Panathinaikos, you became the team captain. If you were asked to turn time back, which would be your three best memories? The ones that you will always remember?

“Wow, this needs a bit of reflection, normally… Well, my first and best memory will be my first match with Panathinaikos… in Israel, against Maccabi Tel Aviv. I entered as a substitute player, a “newbie” but… having wings on my feet! Of course, the second was winning the Greek Cup, an outstanding appearance, in a full stadium, a great win. What could one ask more from a final? The third one I would say was the 0-3 against Olympiacos in “Karaiskakis” stadium. This score will be always remembered, for sure! I wish however and I hope to have even more things to remember next time… “.