Having signed his new contract with Panathinaikos, Paul Jose M’Poku talks to www.pao.gr about… everything and everyone. The reason he accepted the proposal presented to him by the “Shamrock”, which his targets are, while this Congolese ace promises to do nice things in the pitch.

Panathinaikos is the third team in your career that you go on loan. What are you expecting that will go in a different way, in comparison to the previous two times, in order to succeed for a third time?

“I think that I already have here all I need in order to succeed, so I just have to be …. Myself. No complains at all concerning my previous loans, In Cagliari everything was going well but the team relegated and so I left, to mention an example…. From then on, Panathinaikos is a great Club and I am very happy that I am part of such a team, thanks to the chance coach Stramaccioni offered me”!

Further to the presence of the coach and your personal contact with him, what else was important for you to take the final decision and move to Greece for Panathinaikos?

“First of all, I know that the team wants to win the championship. This was just enough for me (laughing) … You see this is a title I am still missing in my career. In Standard de Liege we lost the Championship on the very last match day, so I would like to “taste” here this achievement! Additionally from what I have heard, I liked very much the ambiance and the climate here. Of course our presence in Europa League’s group stage was a very important reason as well”!

Although you are young, you had the opportunity to play in several championships. Is experience one of your assets or the ability to adapt yourself to it? How would you describe your sports profile?

“Well, that’s a question rather for the scouting department … (laughing)! Seriously, I consider myself as a player that can offer several things in the offensive part. Goals, assists, run … I like to “exhilarate” the fans with my game, as well! I am always working hard for my team of course, trying to help as much as I can. As you have said I have many games in my feet, although I am young. My presence especially in Serie A has helped me a lot, I think”.

The goal you scored as a Standard’s player two years ago against Panathinaikos was a nice one. Even today we mention it, as it cost our qualification to the stage group of the Champions League! How do you plan to “compensate” the Club now?

“I am sure I am going to score some nice goals with Panathinaikos and I am going to make our fans happy again, forgetting … our past! By all means Europe is an important issue for every team as well as for us. Our aim is, of course, to go very well in all competitions and celebrate as many achievements as possible at the end of the season”.

Last thing: The matches of Panathinaikos versus Standard de Liege … are intriguing as you can understand! Indeed, how do you feel about the perspective to play against the team you grew up in?

“Belgium is my home. I grew up there, I played foot ball there, so it is going to be interesting … This will be something special for me, as all my family and my friends are going to be there. I maintain a very good relationship with the fans and the team’s staff. Careful though: I am going to Liege to win the game”!