FC Panathinaikos announces that a contract has been signed with Sotiris Pispas. This 18 year old striker has signed his first professional contract for a two and a half year period.

Upon signing his contract the young offensive player talked for our Club’s official web site.

I’ve joined Panathinaikos in 2008. I went to several testing opportunities Panathinaikos was offering during that year, encouraged by my grandfather. Just one train was enough! On the next day I joined the Club. My first trainer was Mr. Tarassis. I started playing as a striker from the very first moment“, he said initially.

Then, he was able to achieve his second target. “By concluding this last season and being a substitute, my aim was to play as a line up player for our U-20 team. This is what really happened! I was expecting that at a certain stage I would be signing a professional player´s contract. It is true that I was not expecting that this would happen so quickly. I couldn’t even imagine that I would go training with the first team” he stated.

Now the biggest challenge has come for him. “This professional contract gives me much more incentives to try for my setting in and get more chances. I want to play with the first team. I hope that I will have this opportunity shortly. My trainer has told me to keep on the hard work and then the opportunity to prove what I can do within the first team will come” Pispas mentioned.

I really believe in my teammates Miggos, Bouzoukis, Xenopoulos , born in 1998 like me, who are already professional players” he said in conclusion.