This 20 year old midfielder from Ecuador who will wear the jersey number 11, referred to the new step in his career.

Which are your first impressions about Panathinaikos?

” This is a Club with an outstanding history, which participates in European competitions and is one of the biggest teams of Greece. It is a Club in which one can gain experience. I know that its fans love football and this helps very much a player to have incentives.”.

You are coming on a loan from Atalanta. This means that you would like to do a full season here and then go back there?

” In Atalanta I experienced my first season in Europe. Things were hard for me last year because I couldn’t play too many games. Nevertheless, I hope to play in more games this year. I am always trying to give the best of me in every game. I have had several proposals, though from all of them I preferred the one coming from Panathinaikos, because this Club has a great history. I take this opportunity to thank the Club for the opportunity it gives me to be part of one of the most important European Clubs. The idea is to play for Panathinaikos as much as I can. For me playing for Panathinaikos is a huge chance. Especially because this team competes in the Europa League competitions. I am absolutely concentrated in order to have a great season. I want to help the team as much as I can”.

Why didn’t you play many games with Atalanta?

“This was my first year in Europe. A had some adaptation problems because I had to change continents and there were many players in the roster. I wanted to play and the coach new that, but I was injured and so he preferred to let me out for a while. Then I had some obligations with my national team U-20 and due to that reason I was absent. I came back to Italy and debuted against Roma. Then I returned to Ecuador for our pre-season toward the World Cup U-20”.

Do you aim to play with the first team of Ecuador this year?

“Exactly, that’s the point. To be able to play and gain experience in order be called to the first national team of Ecuador”.

Which are your main sport characteristics?

“Well, my strong points are my speed and my diagonal movements. I think that I can improve my high ball game”.