FC Panathinaikos announces the acquisition of Alberto Brignoli. The Italian goalkeeper has signed a three year contract.

Alberto Brignoli was born on the 19th of August 1991 in the city of Trescore Balneario, Italy. From a very young age he entered Ouese Sargo academy.  When he was 18 he went to Montichiari, a fourth division team where he did his professional debut. He stayed there for two seasons and after its promotion he moved to the third division team, Lomezzane FC, in 2011. A year later he went on loan to Ternana, a Serie B team, which purchased him a year later.   He played for Ternana during three seasons, playing as a starting lineup player. He did his big step in 2015, when Juventus, the top Italian team in tiles, spent almost 2 million euros to purchase him. The «Vecchia Signiora» sent him on loan to Samptoria, and thus he played in Serie A competitions. In summer 2016 he moved on loan to the Spanish team of Leganes, where he stayed for six months, coming back to Italy to go on loan to Perugia FC. In 2017 he went on loan to Benevento a  Serie A team. He played there in 13 games, becoming famous thanks to a goal he scored by a header, in the additional time of the match against Milan!

In 2018 he was purchased by Palermo where he played in almost every much of this Serie B team. A year later he moved to Emboli FC and during the 2020-21 season he became Serie B’s top goalkeeper! Emboli led Serie B’s championship and was promoted to Serie A.

We welcome Alberto into Panathinaikos’ family!