FC Panathinaikos announces the loan of the Swedish midfielder Ramon Pascal Lundqvist from the Dutch team of Groningen.

The new player of the Shamrock was born on the 10th of May 1997 in Agutsrum, Sweden having roots from Nicaragua. Lundqvist started his career with the team of Kalmar and when he was 16 he was discovered by the scouts of Eindhoven. He debuted with PSV when he was 19 remaining during 2,5 years between the first and the U19 teams permanently.  In January 2019 he moved to Breda where he played as a starting lineup player. Six months later Groningen invested in him successfully. Lundqvist became one of the team’s starting lineup players for the next two seasons.

He has played for the Swedish national U17 and U19 teams.

We welcome Ramon Pascal into Panathinaikos’ family!