The SSO function allows the use of a single login, granting each user access to all our platforms and applications. With just one set of credentials, each user can enter the Ticket Master ticketing platform, the Panathinaikos E-shop, and the Panathinaikos app. All this without the need to remember multiple passwords.

What is achieved with the use of SSO?

Login prompts are reduced or eliminated, simplifying access, providing a higher level of transaction security, and of course, enhancing the overall user experience of our services.

From July 3, 2024, with each user’s first login to any of our platforms, a registration application will be required, even if an active account already exists. During registration, it is recommended to maintain the same email/username previously used for ticket purchases to retain historical records.

Specifically, before the first ticket purchase, additional information will be required according to the legal and regulatory framework governing the purchase of sports event tickets and electronic transactions.

Panathinaikos is stepping into the new era of digital technology and invites all fans to contribute to this effort.

For any inquiries, you can send an email to the following addresses:

[email protected] Ticketing Department

[email protected] Commercial Department

Thank you for your trust and cooperation!