1) Flares, fireworks and other pyrotechnics are strictly not allowed in UK Football Stadiums. Fans with such items in their possession will not enter the ground. If found, when searching takes place prior to entry, the offenders will be arrested by the Police.

2) Bottles will not be allowed and will be removed at the turnstiles. Fans should be aware that there is a “No Drinking” zone around the Stadium. Such alcoholic drinks will be removed and the fans may be refused entry.

3) Flags and banners are welcome, but must not show any political or religious wordings/pictures. All flags will be checked prior to entry.

4) Greek speaking staff will be both outside and inside the Stadium in order the fans not to face any problems .

5) White Hart Lane is a strictly ‘No Smoking’ Stadium and we would ask that all fans adhere to this ruling.

6) The fans should be reminded that they may be held back for a short while after the final whistle. Announcements will be made to that effect if required.