Although the “greens” were better than their opponents, especially in the first half, the “reds” gained the three points.The referee Mr. Kyzas, “helped” Olympiacos to score their first two goals, while he carefully and selectively gave the yellow card, creating an unfair imbalance against Panathinaikos.

Our team opened the score in the first half, thanks to a beautiful finish achieved by Berg.Indeed, the “shamrock” had two very good opportunities to finish the game, before the first half ends, but both Koutroumpis and especially Tavlaridis could not win Roberto.Inevitably, from … nowhere Cambiasso managed to equalize the match, although Domingo was in an obvious offside position. The assistant referee Mr. Dimitriadis lift his flag to cancel the goal but Kyzas did not reverse his position.

For the second half, although our team had less energy did not face problems to keep the “reds” far from Steele’s goalpost.With time passing, referee Kyzas began to continuously foul our players and to give yellow cards. This had as a result, Olympiacos to reach our side again an d again and finally at the very end of the match to score.

The last whistle found our team to be defeated with 3-1 but this score does not reflect the reality.

Scorers: 38 ‘Cambiasso, 87′ Da Costa, 89 ‘ Ideye / 3’ Berg

Olympiacos: Roberto, Salino, Da Costa, Botia, Masuaku, Milivojevic, Cambiasso (81’ Pulido) Dominguez (62 ‘Pardo), Fortounis, Fuster (81’ Hernani) Ideye.

Panathinaikos: Steele, Mesto, Tavlaridis, Moledo, Pranjic, Zeca, Koutroumpis (90’ Petric), Abeid, Villafanez (71′ Essien), Leto (74′ Mamute) Berg.