Two days ago this season’s championship was completed. To be precise we mean the normal season of the Greek Superleague, because as we all know very well the play offs competition follows. In this competition Panathinaikos would like to finish up first in order to be able to compete also during this new season for it’s entrance to the Champions League group stage.

Nevertheless this is a different story. What we are going to do now is to mention the appearance of the players of the “Green” squad in order to have, this way, a complete image about the most outstanding players of the season which has just finished!

The “objective” of the… study of is going to be base on 10 essential individual categories statistically, as these have been calculated on behalf the the organizing Authority. So without any additional delay let’s make an analysis. Who are the best ones, based on numbers and calculations.

Steele… The rock

Without any doubt he is the number 1 of Panathinaikos, this season as well. He is the guardian angel of the team and due to his position he couldn’t be but the first, concerning the number of participations. We are talking about Luke Steele. This English goalkeeper has appeared in 27 matches till now! He is followed by Zeka who has 26 and Daniel Pranic is third with 23 appearances.

Markus the “gunner”.

It is proved that Markus Berg is one of the most killing weapons which… circulate in the Greek pitches. Having the sense of … scoring, more than anybody else, specially in today’s roster of Panathinaikos, he is simultaneously the top scorer of the team with 15 goals. Nikos Karelis remains in the second position, despite his exit, with eight goals. Nikos Katsas is in the third place with five goals.

An expected first place.

From the moment that he is the first among all his teammates in number of appearance, it is not astonishing that he appears first in this category as well. We are referring to Luke Steele again, because the 31 year old goalkeeper has been playing during 2544 minutes! Jose Carlos Gonzalves comes behind him with 2353 minutes and Daniel Pranic is third with 1957 minutes.

Leto… the waiter…

He has been in the team just three months… So what? He has played just in six matches … so what? Sebastian Leto is the first in assists of the team. He has “served” six goals to his team mates. The second is still, even if he is away, Nikos Karelis, with five assists, though Olivier Boumale, Markus Berg and Victor Klonaridis follow with three assists each.

Zeca the “frequent” victim.

Considering that practically he steps on every centimeter of the pitch and is very active in the game of the “Greens” it is not a surprise to say that Zeka is the first in winning fouls for his team. He won 44! Markus Berg follows with 36, though the surprise is Nikos Marinakis who is third with 29 fouls in favor.

Abeid the “inclined”.

On the other side of the … river, the player of Panathinaikos that has committed most fouls is Mehdi Abeid. The Algerian midfielder has heard 56 times whistles against him. He is followed by Jose Carlos Gonzalves with 43 fouls and another surprise is Markus Berg in the third place of our statistics. The Swede even as a striker, committed 39 fouls.

The English ” thief”.

A category which has been greatly signed by Luke Steele is the one concerning the stealing of balls, as the 31 year old goalkeeper of the “Greens” achieved 123 of these and he is on the top of the list. The second one, very closely, is Zeka with 95 and the third one, though in a considerable distance, is Mehdi Abeid who has stollen the ball from his rivals 36 times.

On the top due to his position.

Luke Steele is still prevailing regarding all interventions as a goalkeeper. “Nothing special” one could say, due to the position in which he is playing! These 103 interventions are enough for goalkeeper Steele to lock the first place. The second one is Stathis Tavlaridis with 56. Rasmus Thelander is third, with the slight difference of 41 interventions.

“Building” the rest.

Jose Carlos Gonzalves is a “joy” for his teammates for many and various reasons. One among them is because of the 321 passings he has given to them. These are enough to place him on the top of the relative list. The captain of Panathinaikos is followed by Michael Essien, with 131 passings. Daniel Pranic is third, counting 128 passings.

Zeca is here.

As we have already said in another opportunity: Zeka does it all and is of worth!! From that point of view then we can forgive him for the fact that his name is the first to appear in the list of errors committed. He did 159. Mehdi Abeid follows him with 85 and Daniel Pranic is the third of the group with two errors less, 83.