The “Shamrock” won AEK Athens by the wide score of 3-0 getting to the top of the classification.

Panathinaikos got his first victory in this year’s Super League Greece play offs, by winning AEK 3-0 on the third match day of the competition, so to overtake and go on top of the score in “cohabitation” now with PAOK!

Having played nine games without a victory against the teams of the top five, the “Greens” not only did … an “opening” but also played a quite good football, condign of their name, satisfying the fans who were present in Leoforos bleachers and sending simultaneously a message in view of the forthcoming games …
It is important to note the first goal ever scored with Panathinaikos by Robin Lod, but also the fact that Berg scored again in a second successive derby on behalf of “Greens”

Early “wiping” !

Panathinaikos wanted the victory more than his opponent and this was clear. From the very first moments; by pressing high, by controlling the rhythm and having good combinations in the third part of the pitch! The team scored two goals, facing not threats at all.

Without pressure…

At the second half, it was obvious that AEK didn’t have the endurance to cope. Panathinaikos, from his side, managed to keep back away from the goalposts of Steele any rival striker, while trying to score one more goal, which would transform this victory in a triumph!

However, it was at the 90th minute for the last goal to come thanks to a good personal initiative of Klonarides, who entered the pitch as a substitute a little earlier.

Scorers: 11′ Lod, 30´ Berg, 90´ Klonaridis

PANATHINAIKOS: Steele, Mesto, Tavlaridis, Moledo, Nano, Koutroumpis (79´ Vlachodimos) Zeka, Lod, Villiafanies (87′ Klonaridis), Berg, Leto (61 ‘Boumal).

AEK: Anestis, Bakakis, Kolovetsios, Arzo, Didak, Johansson, Simoes (70 ‘Cordero) Platellas (46’ Bouonanote) Mantalos (85 ‘Pekchart) Aravidis, Djebbour.