Panathinaikos and Panelefsiniakos drew 2-2, in a friendly training game which took place at “Giorgos Roumeliotis” ground, last Sunday in the town of Elefsina.

Andrea Stramaccioni gave time and a chance to play to footballers that weren’t playing very often in official matches till today and also – the most important – to many players from the “Shamrock’s” younger team, who showed a lot of positive elements!

Villafanes was the scorer of the second goal of our team, while this same player “arranged” for his countryman, Rinaldi, to score 1-1 once more in a friendly match…

A “test” for Europe

Concerning the match, the “Greens” started the first half with all the experienced line up players in a 3-5-2 system, which the Italian coach prefers, as it is known, in this season’s European games.

The “Greens” lost their first good chance to score just in the third minute, when Agrimakis saved a strong shoot by Rinaldi, following a cross by Marinakis from the right side. Ten minutes later a shoot by Panayiotis Vlachodimos had the same chance…

Panathinaikos won a penalty in the 35th minute, as Rokas stopped the ball with his hand, but Rinaldi, who executed it, missed it by shooting the ball high up! As if that wasn’t enough, Panelefsiniakos prevailed in the last minute, as Stamatakis crossed from the right side and Tambakis by a projection at the second post, scored the first goal for the hosting team.

With… young and Argentinean players

In the second half, as some U-20 players of the Club entered the pitch, the system was changing gradually into a 4-2-3-1. The guest team became much more aggressive scoring two goals.

Stramaccioni’s players “admonished” Panelefsiniakos initially in the 50th minute when Chatziyiovannis shot from far away but the ball stopped at Agrimakis’ left post and changed its direction.

They succeed to draw, though, in the 58th minute as Rinaldi took advantage of an excellent vertical pass by Villafanes. As it was previously mentioned, the latter was the scorer of the 1-2, five minutes later as he over passed his opponent entering the opposite box and shot in a perfect way against Stergiotis’ goalposts, from the extreme left side!

Nevertheless, Panelefsiniakos was the team to have the last word! In the second minute of the additional time Marinakis pulled Sabatakos in the box and referee Vatsios blew for a penalty which was successfully transformed into a goal by Naoum who “sealed” the final score 2-2.

Panelefsiniakos: Agrimakis (54’ Stergiotis), Konstantinidis, Zelios (54’ Angeloudis), Tsoupros (86’ Sambatakos), Kambouris (86’ Brebos), Arvanitis (90’ Stoyios), Siligardakis (74’ Mountokallakis), Rokas, Stamatakis (64′ Ioannidis), Tambakis (54’ Naoum), Kostopoulos (54’Graikos).

Panathinaikos: Vlachodimos Ο. (86’ Xenopoulos), Moledo (46’ Angelopoulos), Samba (61’ Mavromatis), Ivanov, Marinakis, Chouchoumis, Koutroumbis, Bouzoukis (46’ Chatziyiovannis), Villafanez (67’ Pispas), Vlachodimos P. (79’ Papanikoloaou), Rinaldi.

Have a look to some photos from this friendly match: