The draw 1-1 deprives unfairly Panathinaikos´ efforts and doesn’t reflect in any case the image of the match, especially during the first 70 minutes.

Panathinaikos lost many chances, especially in the first half, when the score could have achieved a high level if the players of Andrea Stramaccioni had a slight notion of insightfulness in their final attempts.

The only one who was able to … shake the opponent´s nets was the captain of the “Shamrock”, in the 13th minute, though the “Greens” lost the opportunity to “clear” the match from the first half. Lost confrontations, combinations without any final result and Lopez, were the reasons that kept the delicate score 0-1 in the first half.

The image in the first minutes of the second half remained unchanged.

Panathinaikos transfixed Veria, losing any contact towards the opponent’s goalposts in all possible way. The rhythm of the game gradually slowed and the hosting team started to open up in the pitch trying to draw. This was achieved in the 88th minute by Balafas who scored.

Nothing changed in the very last minutes of the game and so the final score 1-1 has remained.

VERIΑ: Lopez, Malon, Maragkos (58’ Sissoko), Kali, Navalovski, Balafas, Arche, Vasilantonopoulos, Viti (90’ Papasterianos), Charontakis (69’ Sisinho), Kapetanos.

PANATHINAIKOS: Steele, Koutroumbis (80’ Reis), Moledo, Ivanov, Mesto (89’ Rinaldi), Wakaso, Villafañes, Lod, Hult, Ibarbo (71’ M´Poku), Berg.