Panathinaikos achieved an important victory in the “opening” of the second round, prevailing over Platanias 2-1 at “Ap. Nikolaidis“, going back to victories in a match realized for the 16th match day of the Super League’s championship.

The “Greens” entered the game with much more strength than their opponent and pressed high. They had the ball possession and created chances around and in the box of their guests, who were willing to play in a constructive way, although they limited themselves to a rather passive role, in the first period.

he hosting team was pressing and as a result Evangelou was overthrown by Kargas; the referee awarded a penalty which was executed by Berg who scored the first goal for Panathinaikos. Of course this wouldn’t the last act of the Swede in this duel! Some minutes later after pressing and stealing a high ball, Villafañes gave an assist to the Swedish player who by a smart shoot scored one more goal for his team. He even lost later the opportunity to score a third goal and … finish the game! Instead of that, though, Yakoumakis concluded correctly a nice attack by Platanias from the right wing and scored in the 37th minute, giving a new dimension to the game.

The interest for the game became higher due to the offensive spirit the guests demonstrated in the second half, as they entered willing to draw. This fact created spaces for Panathinaikos which had many chances to ”finish” the game, especially by counterattacks either by Berg or by Vlachodimos and Villafañes. Platanias succeeded to move the ball, mainly after the 75th minute, close to the box of Panathinaikos without threatening significantly.

The final score didn’t change till the final whistle of referee Karantonis who saw Panathinaikos winning and returning to victories after the nil-all draw in the derby against AEK.

The teams:

Panathinaikos: Vlachodimos Ο., Marinakis, Hult, Thelander, Evangelou, Zeca, Kourbelis, Lod (92’ Reis), Vlachodimos P. (77’Leto), Villafañes (74’ Boumal), Berg.

Platanias: Sotiriou, Stathis, Bananá, Prindeta, Kargas (46’Dinas), Wanderson, Mendrinos (65’ Devesa), Munafo, Signevic, Apostolopoulos (84’Goundoulakis), Yakoumakis.