One more loss of points for Panathinaikos that drew in Kerkyra against the local team remaining in 1-1. The game took place in Kerkyra’s Stadium for the 17th match day of the Super League’s championship.

The duel started nicely for Panathinaikos that had the ball possession and the sports excellence and succeeded relatively early (22th minute) to transform the excellent crossing by Villafañes into a goal thanks to a very nice shoot by Berg. The team couldn’t remain the frontrunner for more than seven minutes, as in the 29th minute Epstein equalized after a nice action and a shoot from the left side. In the period till the pause of the first half, Panathinaikos slowed down and had to proceed to its first forced substitution in the 33rd minute as Chouchoumis replaced Hult.

The same unfortunate scene was repeated and just before one hour of game, in the 59th minute, Leto was injured. He entered in the start of the second half, substituting Vlachodimos. The Argentinean player was replaced by Chatziyiovannis who debuted in the championship wearing the jersey of Panathinaikos. Having all substitutions already done from very early and being barren to attack from the wings, the “Greens” were creating chances by using the feet of Villafañes only, who concentrated all the defensive attention of the of the hosting team.

Even this way, Panathinaikos pressed a lot till the 80th minute creating to chances by Berg and Villafañes. Specially the Swede came very close to Kerkyra’s net, but the overexertion of Venetis on the line stopped an almost granted goal by the guests. At the end of the match Panathinaikos found itself in the fourth place of the scoreboard, experiencing one more loss of two points in an away match, missing the opportunity to achieve one more consecutive and very desired victory.

The teams:

Kerkyra: Koutzavassilis, Venetis, Zorbas (88’ Georgiou), Spinoulas, Gomes, Andreopoulos (75’ Nikic), Siontis, Ioannou, Epstaein (81’ Kontos), Diogo, Duala

Panathinaikos: Vlachodimos Ο., Hult (33’ Chouchoumis), Marinakis, Evangelou, Thelander, Zeca, Lod, Kourbelis, Villafañes, Vlachodimos P. (46’ Leto, 59’ Chatziyiovannis), Berg