The team of Marinos Ouzounidis lost again points, after drawing 1-1 in an away match against PAS Giannena at “Zosimades” stadium, for the 19th match day of the Super Leagues’ championship.

This result constituted the third consecutive draw for Panathinaikos, who lost points in the championship’s scoreboard. The appearance, though, was clearly different in comparison to the previous ones, as the “Greens” were much more aggressive and creative than their opponent. Thanks to the additions of Coulibaly and MPoku, who came back from Copa Africa’s competitions and the one of “newcomer” Klonaridis, the team developed from the very beginning a strong offensive activity creating chances by playing in a quick rhythm. In the 13th minute, Karanikas hit Berg cold-bloodedly, outside the box, but referee Tzilos did not whistle the offense at all.

PAS reacted to the chances created by Klonaridis, Berg, Villafañes (twice) by a head of Tzimopoulos and a shoot by Lila. In the 31st minute the home team was ahead in the score by Conde, who being in an offside position, redirected the course of a ball, shot by Koutris, and scored a goal by his head (1-0).

Panathinaikos was not discouraged and started pressing even more in the second half. Mpoku executed a foul and sent the ball to the post in the 46th minute, but this was the start of a strong offensive activity, which was highlighted by a goal scored by Berg in the 56th minute, after a confusion and a long lasting complication in PAS’ box.

The “Shamrock” continued to press and to create chances, Klonaridis, Berg and Villafañes, though, were not able to find their target from some very advantageous positions inside the box. Marinos Ouzounidis, used Vlachodimos and Chatziyiovannis, from the bench, trying to “refresh” the offensive line of his team. In a cross executed by this 19 year old offensive player, in the 85th minute, the ball touched the hand of Michail, inside the box, but again this offense was not whistled by the referee!

A foul, shot directly by Mpoku in the 91st minute went slightly out and so the result didn’t change till the end of the game, letting Panathinaikos without a victory in one more away game. The “Greens” were rightly and fairly complaining because of the decisions of the referee trio.

The teams:

PAS Giannena: Paschalakis, Michail, Tzimopoulos, Mamboulou (72′ Zairo), Karanikas, Acosta, Lila, Yiakos (68′ Garoufalias), Kozoronis, Conde, Koutris (61΄Nadales).

Panathinaikos: Vlachodimos Οd., Coulibaly, Thelander (59′ Moledo), Koutroumbis, Hult, Zeca, Lod (63′ Vlachodimos P.), Mpoku, Villafañes, Klonaridis (77′ Chatziyiovanis), Berg.