Panathinaikos was “grading” and imposing in an impressive way, achieving a great victory over Asteras, 5-0 in an away match, losing chances to increase its goals. The match was held in “Th. Kolokotronis” stadium for the 21st match day of Super League’s championship.

The “Greens” entered into the game with a lot of strength being barraging all over the first half! They showed their energy from a very early stage and lost two chances with Berg in the first five minutes. In the 9th minute, though, the score was already 0-2! The scorers were Klonaridis (7’) and the Swede striker (9’), on the other hand it was obvious that the defense of the home team was absolutely unable to control the forwarders of Panathinaikos. Asteras tried to react and started pressing; this way they were letting many free corridors, which were well exploited by Mpoku, Boumal, Klonaridis and Berg who created chances in almost every counterattack. In the 30th minute, it was Moledo’s turn to score by a header, after a foul executed by Mpoku. This Congolese player was the one to complete the score of the first period by scoring a fourth goal (0-4), by a nice shoot inside the box! This impressive score was totally justified by looking at the whole image of the game and at the chances the “Shamrock” was losing.

In the second half the image of the game remained almost unchanged. Asteras could not circulate the ball in a very efficient way, in order to threaten and thus Panathinaikos was controlling the duel by frequent counterattacks whenever the hosts tried to press high. There wasn’t a way to keep the rhythm of the first half unaltered, thus the chances were scarce. The most impressive of them was a lost confrontation of Berg. The finishing touch came from Olivier Boumal in the 83rd minute, who completed the triumph of Marinos Ouzounidis’ team by scoring a fifth goal, achieving a third consecutive victory (the second one in the championship). Panathinaikos realized its best performance in the current season, promising to go on in the same nice and successful way.

The teams:

Αsteras Tripolis: Donnarumma, Dimoutsos, Hamdani (21’ Haiduckyk), Selin, Yiannoulis, Iglesias, Tsoukalas, Kaltsas, Masa (65’ Igor), Farinha (46’ Tsilianidis), Manias

Panathinaikos: Vlachodimos Οd., Coulibaly, Hult, Koutroumbis, Moledo, Zeca, Kourbelis (81’ Reis), Boumal, Mpoku (46’ Vlachodimos P.), Klonaridis (73’ Pispas), Berg.