Despite its total superiority, the team of Panathinaikos, “succeeded” to … fail to win the one of Heraklis, remaining in a 1-1 draw, in the game held at “Kavtatzoglio” Stadium, for the 24th match day of the Super League’s championship.

The first 20 minutes of the duel were rather trivial as the ball could not reach the box of the two teams. In that point Panathinaikos had its first chance with Hult, who received the ball after a nice group initiative, but Huanderson won the confrontation. This chance was a “wake-up” for Panathinaikos, whose players started to “limit” Heraklis in its box gradually. The result was a clear penalty on Berg, which was transformed by the Swede, in the 37th minute, into a goal. There were no other important moments till the end of the first period.

The second half has had a totally different image, though. The “Greens” were speeding up and they were close to score in each of their attacks, as the home team was unable to follow their rhythm. During 25 minutes Panathinaikos was creating and losing chances at the same time, in any possible or impossible way; Berg was the main actor. Although scoring a second goal was just a question of time, the “Shamrock” was frivolous in completing its opportunities… and thus it paid a high price. All of a sudden, after a bad defensive reaction, Leozinho came into a shooting position and the ball went straight to the net after “touching” Thelander’s chest, who was “charged” with this own goal. The draw revitalized the team of Heraklis which played in defensively correct way till the end. Panathinaikos, on the other hand, couldn’t take advantage and lead the score, after creating and losing again a chance with Berg who missed scoring by a close header.

The teams:

Heraklis:Huanderson, Argyropoulos, Tzanetopoulos, Roussos (46′ Intzoglou), Saramandas (86′ Angelopoulos), Donis, Stamou, Monteiro (61′ Grontis), Leozinho, Kouros, Perone

Panathinaikos: Vlachodimos Οd., Coulibaly, Koutroumbis (62′ Thelander), Kourbelis, Hult, Zeca, Lod (74′ Molins), Villafañes, Mpoku, Leto (65′ Boumal), Berg.