Marcus Berg was the scorer of the goal which defined the duel between Panathinaikos and Olympiakos. The hosting team was entirely superior in all aspects of the game, which was held at “Ap. Nicolaidis” stadium for the 25th match day of Super League’s championship.

Since the beginning of the match Panathinaikos dictated its rhythm and dominated the game by “squeezing” its opponent into his box, trying to press high and create chances to open the score. This happened quickly, when Marcus Berg scored an outstanding goal after a nice team effort and a shoot by Klonaridis which was saved at first by Kapino. This goal placed the “Greens” in a leading position and gave them self-confidence, as the guest team was unable to react. Some moments later Klonaridis missed to score from very close, although the attacks were coming one after the other mainly by the side of Coulibaly. Panathinaikos threatened also in several fouls shot by Mpoku but Kapino was there to protect his goalposts from a second possible goal.

The second half was not different at all, as Panathinaikos was creating chances easily against an opponent that seemed to have problems in defending and was practically harmless in attacking. Nevertheless, the lost chances which were succeeding one another by Mpoku and some difficult stops by Kapino, were the reasons why the score has not been wider.

The final score (1-0) offered three points to the team of Panathinaikos, which continued the row of positive results at home before the pause of the championship, having attenuated its difference from the top of the scoreboard.

The lineups:

Panathinaikos: Vlachodimos Ο., Coulibaly, Koutroubis, Moledo, Hult, Villafañies (77′ Lod), Kourbelis, Zeca, Mpoku (86’ Boumal), Klonaridis (77′ Leto), Berg.

Ολυμπιακός:Kapino, Figueiras, Botia, Da Costa, Sisoko, Romao, Martins (57’ Androutsos) , Elyiounoussi (81′ Cardoso), Dominguez (63΄Fortunis), Seba, Ansarifard.