Panathinaikos strove, lost many chances to score and finally “bent” over the continuous contrary whistles of the referee, losing 4-0 from PAOK, that was qualified to the final, in a game played in Toumba stadium, for the second leg of the semi-final stage of the Cup of Greece.

From the very beginning of the game the referees were deciding on double standards, allowing the hard markings on Panathinaikos’ strikers, without letting the “Green” defenders to mark in any way. This way PAOK opened the score by shooting straightly an inexistent foul. On the contrary, obvious penalties on Klonaridis and Berg were not whistled. Nevertheless, Panathinaikos was superior during the first period and lost many chances to open the score and lead by a result difficult to be reversed. The score was 1-0 when both teams concluded the first half and went to the locker rooms with all their 11 players, although Matos tried very hard to be expelled … but Kyzas had a different opinion!

The hosts were lucky enough to achieve a second goal (2-0) just after the start of the second half, getting this way to the score of the first leg. As PAOK till the 70th minute didn’t achieve a score allowing its qualification and Berg had lost the best chance of the period, after getting a pass from Coulibaly, an expulsion was needed in order to change the numerical equilibrium in favor of PAOK. This was accomplished by the “invented” expulsion of Hult; so PAOK scored a third goal, playing with 11. Berg scared once more the stadium of Toumba, but his header passed slightly out of the goalposts. Prijiovic was the player who “wroite” the epilogue, in the 83rd minute, by scoring the fourth and last goal of the match.


PAOK: Glykos, Matos, Crespo, Varela, Leovac, Cimirot, Sachov (79′ Cañias), Warda (46′ Bisesvar), Pelkas, Campos (59′ Henrique), Prijiovic.

Panathinaikos: Vlachodimos, Coulibaly, Koutroumbis, Moledo, Hult, Kourbelis, Reis, Villafañies (88′ Chatziyiovannis), Mpoku (66′ Molins), Klonaridis (77′ Lod), Berg.