The value of Marcus Berg is awarded as he gained the title of Top Scorer in this year’s Super League Championship! The Swede has scored 22 goals in the 28 games he has participated and obtained easily the first place in the list. This is the first time, in these four years he has been playing for Panathinaikos, that he achieved such a distinction.

Berg’s success is important for one additional reason: He joined a … closed “Green” club. He became the eighth footballer in Panathinaikos’ history, who gained the title of Top Scorer.

The first one to receive this distinction was greatest Antonis Antoniadis in 1969-70 season. The “tall guy” holds two records which will probably be unbeaten during the current century. He has scored more goals than anyone else in just one season (39 during 1971-72 season, an accomplishment that bestowed him the silver boot) and he has also won the top scorer’s competition more than anyone else (five times). The second player that became a top scorer was Gregoris Charalambidis during 1981-82 season after scoring 21 goals. Nine years later was the turn of the great “little one” Dimitris Saravakos, who scored 23 goals. Then Christoph Warzecha followed, during 1993-94 season, after scoring 24 goals. This top scorer in Panathinaikos’ history gained the title for two more seasons (1994-95 scoring 29 goals and 1997-98 scoring 32 goals).

During this century the first player of Panathinaikos to become the championship’s top scorer was Nikos Lymberopoulos, during 2002-03 season, after scoring 16 goals. This achievement was realized two years later by Fanis Gekas, as he scored 18 goals, 10 of them just during the first half of the season, as Gekas was playing for the team of Kallithea, before being transferred to Panathinaikos. The last one who did it, before Berg, was Djibril Cissé in two consecutive seasons (2009-10 and 2010-11).

… King Marcus has scored 22 out of the 45 goals Panathinaikos marked in this season’s championship… half of them. A really amazing accomplishment!