Playing with one player less during 85 minutes and experiencing one injury after the other, Panathinaikos was “wounded” and remained to 1-1 against Panionios in an away game, held at Nea Smyrni’s Municipal Stadium, for the 1st match game of the playoffs for the Super League’s Greek championship.

Panathinaikos entered the match with a great dynamism, having an excellent opportunity, just in the 2nd minute of the duel, with Klonaridis but Gianniotis was there to save the team of Panionios that had to start playing defensively from the very beginning, trying only to counterattack through the free spaces. In such an occasion, in the 12th minute, what has happened determined the flow of the game affecting the equilibrium between the two teams. Massoud moved to the back of the “Green” defense after a deep cross; Zeca overthrew him from backwards and got a red card by referee Styliaras, letting Panathinaikos with 10 players. Marinos Ouzounidis tried two different systems deciding to go on in a 4-4-1 and placing Klonaridis to the right. Panathinaikos not only blocked the hosting team from creating chances but became even more aggressive. In spite of the forced substitution of Villafañes, the “Shamrock” firstly threatened with Mpoku and then succeeded to open the score as Marcus Berg did an impressive effort in the 38th minute. The first half ended aggressively but without remarkable chances.

The pause helped Panionios to recover and to take advantage due to the fact that they played with 11 footballers in the second period. The fatigue affected gradually Panathinaikos’ players that had to retreat on the pitch. This way their opponents could create some more chances and were able to score in the 56th minute with Masouras. Panionios continued having the possession of the ball but lost some chances till the end, mainly with Yecil, Siopis and Risvanis. On the other side Panathinaikos did its last effort just before the end with Mpoku. Leto lost an excellent opportunity in the 94th minute to become the hero of the duel!

The match was finally drawn, although it was strange how Risvanis could finish the match without receiving a red card after hitting Berg in the face, with his elbow, in front of the referee’s eyes! It is also remarkable that Gianniotis kicked Berg cold-bloodedly in the 92nd minute in his box, but no penalty was allowed.


Panionios:Gianniotis, Vlachos, Economou, Risvanis, Tasoulis, Siopis, Korbos, Ben, Masouras (70’ Lambrou), Massoud (90’+5’ Savidis), Yecil (81’ Tapoco).

Panathinaikos:Vlachodimos Od., Mesto (75’ Reis), Koutroumbis, Moledo, Hult, Kourbelis, Zeca, Villafañes (32’ Marinakis), Mpoku, Klonaridis (62’ Leto), Ber