A goal scored by Lazaros Christodoulopoulos in the 85th minute was enough to mark the difference between the two teams and offer ΑΕΚ a victory against Panathinaikos 1-0, in a game realized in OAKA Stadium, for the third match day of the Playoffs of the Super League´s championship.

The whole first half was quite “flaccid” as ΑΕΚ, with many substitutions, mainly in the attack, seemed rather unable to create problems to the “Green” defense. On the other side, Panathinaikos was trying to manage the absence of Berg from its attack and the fact that midfielders were missing. The defensive efforts of the hosts were focused in “blocking” Zeca and thus the ball possession became quite difficult for the “Shamrock”. As a result to the above, besides some weak shoots from both teams outside the box, the fans had to wait until the last minute of the first half, in order to watch a notable chance; a head by Mandalos, from a good position, which passed slightly out of Steele’s goalposts.

The second period started exactly the same way, as ΑΕΚ had a new chance. Almeida, though, was the one to miss a goal from a very privileged position inside the box, nevertheless the continuity was not as good… Despite the changes and substitutions that both trainers did, the whole game was taking place in the center of the ground without any attacking initiatives. Mpoku’s injury added one more problem in the already incomplete rotation of Marinos Ouzounidis, depriving Panathinaikos from important creative options. Although the game seemed to go towards a draw, Lazaros Christodoulopoulos, by an impressive slantwise-diagonal shoot, gave the opportunity to AEK to lead the score and finally win the game by “squeezing” Panathinaikos in the scoreboard. The “Greens” completed the duel without any chance and now they will have to confront the coming matches as if these were “finals”, concerning the playoffs ranking.


ΑΕΚ:Αnestis, Bakakis, Cingrinski, Vranies, Didak, Galanopoulos (82′ Pekhart), Simoes, Johansson, Mandalos, Almeida (60′ Araujo), Bakasetas (60′ Christodoulopoulos).

Panathinaikos:Steele, Marinakis, Koutroumbis, Moledo, Hult, Zeca, Reis, Mpoku (76′ Staikos), Vlachodimos (68′ Boumal), Molins (60′ Leto), Klonaridis.