Panathinaikos had a bad start in the opening of the championship; despite the fact that they opened the score, as Chavez scored his very first goal wearing the Green jersey, they were equalized by Platanias. The “Greens” drew 1-1, playing with 10 due to the injury of Rodrigo Moledo, in a match held in the municipal stadium, in Perivolia, for the 1st match day of Super League Greece championship.

Due to some known difficulties because of absences and the “unreadiness” of some players and the overexertion at last Thursday’s match, Panathinaikos appeared with a reduced energy, running less in the pitch. The hosting team was pressing high in order to complicate the “Shamrock’s” deρlοyment. The Greens find their steps in the pitch gradually stabilizing their ball possession. Their passing game was correct without being able to create chances though, with the exception of Molins in the 7th minute. During the first half Panathinaikos was creating some rifts only from the right side thanks to Cabezas’ speed who was permanently creating … troubles to Wanderson. The ball possession till the first half was 65%-35% in favor of Panathinaikos, but no special chances were developed.

The first interesting move came on in the 55th minute from the part of the hosts as Boutnik did an easy header from the penalty mark, which was saved by Vlachodimos. Panathinaikos had a great difficulty in creating opportunities and was unable to enter Platanias’ box as they were defending very well. A “breeze” in the attack occurred when Chavez and Chatzigiovannis entered the pitch, substituting their teammates. The Argentinean entered with strength and dynamism in the duel and the results came out quickly. His outstanding combination with Luciano, in the 72nd minute, brought him in a shooting position enabling him to open the score, only 9 minutes after he entered the pitch.

Nevertheless, the way to deal with this lead in the score was not the right one as Platanias started pressing for the equalizer. They did it in just 7 minutes thanks to an action by Korovessis. After that draw Panathinaikos had to press again in order to lead the score but these efforts where hopeless, especially after Moledo got seriously injured in the 85th minute, letting his team with one player less, as the three substitutions were already made. The last ten minutes of the duel passed without any chances and both teams remained in a 1-1 draw. leaving Panathinaikos rather aside in the very beginning of this season’s championship.


Platanias:Oberhauser,Karypidis,Dikamona,Pliatsikas(76′Korovessis),Stathis,Wanderson,Cros(92’Patralis),Angelopoulos, Nsiculu,Devesa,Boudnik(68′Grezeltzak).