In a very mediocre game, generally speaking, Panathinaikos scored early and managed its leadership, although AEK was lucky at the end and drew 1-1 in the 95th minute in a match held at “Ap. Nikolaidis” stadium for the 11th match day of Super League’s Greece championship.

Panathinaikos started the match rather “numbed” giving space to AEK and being unable to attack. Nevertheless, in their first organized attempt the “Greens” could open the score! After a successful combination, from the left side, between Hult and Lod, Gallo did a foul on the Finn close to the corner. Hiljemark shot in the first post where Moledo was free, in the box and by a wonderful header sent the ball straight into Anestis’ nets opening the score (1-0), in the 10th minute. Actually this move was the best one done by the “Shamrock” during the first period. Following this goal, AEK took the total control of the game in the pitch and tried to press and get into Panathinaikos’ box. However, this leadership was not fundamental as the unique threat was a shoot by Galanopoulos who sent the ball slightly out of the goalposts in the 24th minute. In an ironical and ambiguous way, Moledo was again the central player in the first half because besides being the scorer he was unfortunately injured in the head in the 31st minute. Both the six minutes that passed till he was substituted, during which the team was playing with 10 and its leave from a match in which, till that moment, he was “annihilating” all threats, gave the impression, in general, that the opponents were superior in ball possession and in their initiatives.

In the second half things changed slightly. Panathinakos found its rhythm in the middle field, possessed much more the ball and kept AEK away from the box. Viillafañez was the central figure to win, in the right side, all duels against Bakakis, offering time and space to the “Greens”. On the other side, Koutroumbis entered the game pretty well, so the defense of the team remained stable. As time was passing and AEK was taking more risks trying to equalize, Panathinaikos was finding easily some open corridors. Nevertheless these corridors remained unexploited, especially when Molins lost a confrontation in the 81st minute. ΑΕΚ, from its side, had only one chance in the 63rd minute by Livaja who won a duel but couldn’t threat Vlachodimos. Although the image of the match showed that the “Shamrock” would add three more points in its quiver, AEK’s Croatian striker found himself in a shooting position into the box. After receiving a pass from Ajdarevic he shot in the 95th minute; the ball glossed over Hult’s foot changed its course and went towards Vlachodimos’ right corner.

Thereby, both teams shared the points in a derby, from which we will remember rather the provoking gesture of Jimenez towards the fans in the terraces, than the few nice shots produced in front of both goalposts.


Panathinaikos: Vlachodimos, Koulibaly, Kolovetsios, Moledo (37’ Koutroumbis), Hult, Kourbelis, Sylla, Hiljemark (67’ Altman), Villafañez, Lod, Molins (90’+2’ Reis).

ΑΕΚ: Anestis, Gallo, Vranjes, Lambropoulos, Bakakis (71’ Yiakoumakis), Lopez, Simoes, Galanopoulos (65’ Αjdarevic), Bakasetas, Klonaridis (54’ Christodoulopoulos), Livaja.