Playing with many changes in the starting lineup and by improving gradually its image in the pitch, Panathinaikos drew against Atromitos and remained finally in a 1-1 score. The team was unable, this time as well, to be victorious in an away game held at the Municipal Stadium of Peristeri for the 12th match day of Super League Greece championship.

The point that seemed to be most decisive from the very beginning was the too many substitutions that Panathinaikos had in Peristeri, most of which were forced. Many new figures affected the cohesion of the team that needed a while to find its steps and its rhythm in the pitch. Atromitos, from its side, was stable, had homogeneity and was able to take advantage of this fact, in an excellent way. In the first 20 minutes they dominated the game and opened the score very early, in the third minute, as Dauda scored. They had also more chances to threaten Dioudis’ goalposts, the most important of them in the 14th minute, by Vassilakakis. Gradually Panathinaikos improved and changed its image. Lod played in the center offering possibilities to create chances and Altman, who played close to Molins, was amplifying the team’s initiatives in its rival’s box. Although a penalty in favor of Molins, in the 22nd minute, was not whistled, Altman won one in the 29th minute from Chatziissaias. The Swede shot it and scored the equalizer one minute later (1-1). The remaining match, till the pause, was rather balanced. The “highlight” was a wrong decision by the referee who not only didn’t allow a penalty in favor of Altman, as he was marked by Yiannoulis.but showed the Israeli player a yellow card!

The second half started by a long shoot of Madson to the crossbar, though there were few chances before both goalposts as mainly hard markings and strong duels in the center was the rule. All that till the 68th minute, as Kyvrakidis overturned Lod from behind and was expelled after viewing a second yellow card. This changed the balance between the competing players.

Atromitos gradually backed down and Panathinaikos gained some spaces taking the match toward Yianniotis’ box. Despite the fact that Chatziyiovannis, Hiljemark and Chavez entered in the midfield and the forward lines, the “Greens” could not score in order to prevail. The best moments for the team of Marinos Ouzounidis came in the 77th minute with Chavez and in the 82nd minute with both the Argentinean and Lod who missed to score from a good position. Finally the score 1-1 remained till the end and so Panathinaikos continued to remain without a victory in its away matches for the championship.


Atromitos: Yianniotis, Chatziissaias, Risvanis, Kyvrakidis, Yiannoulis, Boussoulagic (63′ Ubides), Madson, Vassilakakis (74′ Karassalidis), Diguini, Warda, Dauda (83′ Lazaridis).

Panathinaikos: Dioudis, KOlovetsios, Avlonitis, Koutroumbis, Insua, Sylla, Lod, Cabezas, Mounier (46′ Hiljemark), Altman, Molins (72′ Chavez).