Following a really gloomy appearance both defensively and offensively, Panathinaikos experienced a heavy defeat in Thessaloniki, from PAOK, who prevailed easily 4-0 in a game held in the stadium of Toumba, for the 14th match day of Super League Greece championship.

The hosting team entered the duel aggressively trying to take advantage of the “breeze” of their fans and were lucky enough to lead the score in the first 10 minutes, without even stepping on Dioudis’ box. Pelkas had the inspiration to shoot from almost 25 meters away sending the ball in the left “window” of Panathinaikos’ goalposts, scoring a beautiful first goal just in the 8th minute. The remaining time till the end of the first period was “astonishingly” calm as the “Greens” were hogtied and unable to react in the pitch. PAOK drew back remaining satisfied with the tight score and hopping that its opponents would give them enough space for counterattacks. Actually this never happened and both teams went to the locker room without any remarkable chance before the goalposts of each other.

The “Shamrock” seemed to enter the game much better in the second half understanding, obviously, that they wouldn’t get any special pressure. Quickly, though, a deficient defensive reaction, in the 51st minute, gave the opportunity to Pelkas to receive the ball into the box from a throw in and after controlling he positioned himself in front of Dioudis, shot and scored for a second time in that same game. This second goal was enough to “lock” the score; what followed was just procedural… Insua committed an error allowing a penalty for the rivals and causing his own expulsion by a second yellow card in the 66th minute. Koulouris shot nicely transforming that penalty into a third goal. A goal scored in the 77th minute by Prijovic was the finishing touch. The final score of the game being 4-0.

This score sealed one of the worst appearances in the last championships for Panathinaikos, broadening to five the non victorious games for the “Shamrock”.


PΑΟΚ: Paschalakis, Varela, Malezas, Matos, Crespo, Mauricio, Cañias (58΄ Cimirot), Pelkas, Μak, Limnios (82΄ Campos), Koulouris (73΄ Prijovic).

Panathinaikos: Dioudis, Kolovetsios, Koutroumbis, Moledo, Insua, Kourbelis, Lod, Villafañez (85΄ Donis), Johansson (46΄ Hiljemark), Cabezas, Altman (69΄ Hult).