Realizing maybe one of its worst appearances in the season, Panathinaikos started by losing 3-0 against Levadiakos, before ending 3-2, in a game held in two … “installments” due to bad weather conditions in Livadia’s Municipal Stadium for the 17th match day of Super League Greece championship.

This season’s performances of Panathinaikos may be characterized as bad. Unfortunately this occurs quite often. If one would like to use an instrument to compare how bad the image of a certain game would be, he could be writing … “in its worst appearance” . Though, against Livadia maybe this was its worst game ever. Having the hurdle very low, concerning average performance, Panathinaikos succeeded in the capital of the district of Viotia to be even worse. After an important chance by Donis, when the ball stroke the post, in the 18th minute, the “Greens” seemed to … disappear from the pitch. Then during 35 minutes the hosting team without achieving an important play was able – obviously beyond its expectations – to lead the score by 3-0! Favaro jumped alone for the header by which he scored the first goal in the 21st minute. Youssuf covered half of the pitch uninterrupted just before scoring the second goal for his team, by an excellent shoot. The 3-0 was achieved by Mitropoulos, after consequent shoots from a close range and a free kick he executed to exhaust the “Shamrock”. During that period although Panathinaikos possessed the ball, they were harmless. The hosts were giving the impression that they were able to create some danger easily. They acted not as if they had an opponent in a duel but rather like they were just training…

The last half of the game altered things only concerning score and impressions. Both goals of Panathinaikos, as the game was played only in one half of the pitch, just limited the range of the defeat, but nothing more than that. For the … minutes Lod and Villafañez were the scorers, the first one in the 76th minute and the second one in the 94th minute by penalty.


Levadiakos: Epasi, Tsambouris, Leonardo, Favaro, Antilehou, Mitropoulos (90′ Kaltsas), Obiora (84′ Niase, Chubinho, Yopussuf, Yiakoumakis (88′ Diogo), Markovski.

Panathinaikos: Vlachodimos, Coulibaly, Economou, Kolovetsios (54′ Insua), Kourbelis, Tzandaris, Lod, Mounier (28′ Chatziyiovannis), Villafañez, Altman (54′ Hiljemark), Donis.