Once again during this season, Panathinaikos failed to win its own “bet”concerning victories in away matches and remained in one more away match without a victory, after losing against PAS Yiannena by 2-1, in a game held in “Zossimades” stadium for the 21st match day of the Super League Greece championship.

The “scenario” was the same as in every match Panathinaikos is playing away from Leoforos ground. It seems that all their efforts are not enough as they have big “dead” periods which give their rival the possibility to score very easily and getting a negative result. The most recent – almost sadistic– scenario dictated that Panathinaikos was to lose important chances before letting in goals in any possible or impossible way and leave the ground without a victory. We have seen that in Levadia, in Rizoupolis (even if the opponent didn’t score) and we saw that again in Yiannena. Only the playing stars are changing. Yiannis Mystakidis was the one to lose the chances firstly in the 6th minute before unprotected goalposts and then in the 25th minute when he was “beaten” by Markos Vellidis. On the other side, Pedro Conde, in the 30th minute, although his team was staying back passively and unable to pass over the middle of the field, he run toward the opponent goalposts without being stopped; he shot successfully over the outgoing Vlachodimos and scored the first goal. In the last minute of the first period this same player shot the ball like a thunderbolt, off the box and scored a second goal (2-0) confirming in an ironic way the tradition which says that Panathinaikos’ rivals could be every week candidates for the MVP and Best Goal awards of the match day.

This way the story of this duel against PAS was written. In the second half the team from Yiannena didn’t even need to assume the slightest risks taken during the first half and placed many players in its box making things difficult in a -by all means- unproductive attack of the “Greens”. Under these circumstances the own goal by Garoufalias in the 69th minute, after a nice intent of Chatziyiovannis, gave a certain suspense during the last twenty minutes of the game. It also showed, in a very clear way, the difficulty the team has in creating chances and being efficient. The last whistle by referee Sidiropoulos found Panathinaikos with an additional loss in an away match and with no opportunity to gain some points in the scoreboard.


PAS Yiannina: Vellidis, Michail, Skondras, Tzimopoulos, Karanikas, Yiakos (73′ Vidal), Manthatis, Garoufalias, Boukouvalas (84′ Apostolopoulos), Betra (79′ Berios), Conde.

Panathinaikos: Vlachodimos, Johansson, Kolovetsios, Economou, Coulibaly, Kace, Tzandaris (55′ Altman), Lod (79′ Pispas), Insua, Donis, Mystakidis (64′ Chatziyiovannis).