Without striving too much the “Shamrock” prevailed 3-0 against Levadiakos, continuing its victories in all Super League’s championship games till now. Georgios Donis’ team impressed for the maturity and efficiency in the final efforts and the way they manage games in general. About 20.000 Panathinaikos’ fans, that have attended the match in the Olympic stadium, clapped loudly the worthy winners of the duel, offering nice gestures especially at the end of the game.
Panathinaikos lined up in another system compared to the one used in previous games. This time Donis preferred a 4-2-3-1, making two new additions in the team that played against Larissa. The “Greens” opened the score almost from the … locker rooms, as they were heading the score, from the 5th minute, thanks to an initiative of Hadjiyiovannis from the right side and a move of Kabetsis who shot the ball into the rival’s goalposts. Panathinaikos managed its running start against Levadiakos’ team, which remained with many players in the back. The “Shamrock” was very close to score again but a ball shot by Hadjiyiovannis in the 36th minute went straight to the crossbar. Although the player didn’t score he continued his assists. At the end of the first half he did a splendid move in a vacant space, got a long cross by Insua and as all Levadiakos’ defenders were on him, he turned the ball toward the goalposts. Hadjitheodoridis who was running closely had just to push the ball to the net!.
In the second half, Levadiakos went out of the box trying to take some chances, but Panathinaikos didn’t give them this opportunity. The home team annihilated all threats for Dioudis’ posts and although they couldn’t create chances to score again, they remained heading in the score. This way Giorgos Donis had the opportunity to offer Macheda his first minutes in a game. The Italian striker showed his class through an assist he did with his heel to Johansson in the 3rd minute of the additional time. The Swede defender scored, in a marvelous way, his third personal goal for the championship which was the third in that game of his team, as well!
PANATHINAIKOS: Dioudis, Johansson, Insua, Kolovetsios, Μavrommatis, Kourbelis, Donis (67′ Εmmanouilidis), Hadjiyiovannis, Bouzoukis, Hadjitheodoridis (66′ Kace), Κabetsis (75′ Μacheda).
LEVADIAKOS: Εpasi, Favaro, Omo (46′ Krneta), Dangishς (46′ Yiakoumakis), Μarkovski, Ζissopoulos, Κarachalios, Hadjilambros, Τsambouris, Sawatongo, Subinho (72′ Μanga).