After the match against Lamia at “G. Kalafatis” center, Panathinaikos has sent the message that a lot of work has yet to be done till they get to the desired level of readiness for the beginning of the new championship. Actually, this is the reason why such friendly games are organized with rivals who line up in a way Panathinaikos is going to confront several times during the season. It is important to note that tonight was the debut of Carlitos and Facundo Sanchez, even if this happened in a friendly match.

Just in the 8th minute the team of Lamia threatened the Shamrock, as Karamanos shot against Dioudis, being in a man to man position, but Velez kicked the ball out, just before it passed over the goal line. Although Panathinaikos had the ball possession, the team was not able to create dangerous situations before the rival goalposts. The “Greens” had to wait till the first minute of the additional time of the first half to get their first big chance as Ayoub being in an advantageous position tried to shoot, from the box, but Antetzo bumped and sent the ball to the corner.

In the second half Dani Poyatos did many changes, sending Achilleas Pougouras, among other players, on the pitch. This was the first appearance, even though the match was a friendly one, of the Greek defender since last March, when he played against the team of Volos in OAKA stadium.

Panathinaikos stood better in the second half but again there were very few chances created in the box of Lamia. The best of those being a shoot by Serpezis, in the 78th minute, but the ball passed just by the goalpost and went out. This way we got to the 85th minute when the referee ordered a penalty in favor of the guests, following a hand by Karayiannis in the box. Kostika executed the penalty and sent the ball into Christogeorgos’ goalposts, offering the victory to his team.

Panathinaikos: Dioudis (63’ Christogeorgos), Sanchez (46’ Samaras), Schenkeveld (63’ Karayiannis), Velez (46’ Pougouras), Lazaris (46’ Zagaritis), Kourbelis (46’ Alexandropoulos), Athanassakopoulos (63’ Serpezis), Ayoub (71’ Tzavidas), Chatziyiovanis (46’ Emmanouilidis), Carlitos (46’ Xavier), Macheda.

Lamia: Epasi, Skondras (57’ Providakis), Antetzo (81’ Zioulis), Vyntra (57’ Tzanetopoulos), Saramandas, Vassiloyiannis (81’ Tsoukalos), Bejarano (81’ Troumboulos), Niase (57’ Bouloulis), Villalba (72’ Kostika), Romanic (72’ Νicolopoulos), Karamanos (81’ Vlachomitros).