A deplorable French referee named Rudy Buquet built a “guillotine” at Panathinaikos’ coming back to the European competitions, after 5 years. The Greens lost 2-0 from Slavia Prague in Fortuna Arena stadium in Prague and will try to overcome in the big rematch of next Thursday (11/8, 20.30) at “Apostolos Nikolaidis” .

This abysmal referee, Buquet, deprived from the Shamrock the opportunity to opt for a fair play and have a positive result in the first leg of the third qualifying round for the Europa Conference League. He expelled scandalously Sebastian Palacios in the 40th minute, as he “discovered” that the Argentinean player was pretending to be tackled, though it was clear that he was just keeping playing! Five minutes later, in the 45th minute, Slavia taking advantage of the Greens who were upset scored with Sranz, puzzling Ivan Jovanovic’s team, that played in this European debut without Schenkevelt and Alexandropoulos.

In the second half Panathinaikos’ coach did two changes sending Aitor and Ioannides to the pitch to replace Vayiannidis and Sporar, who did his debut with the Greens. Needless to say that the French referee continued his catastrophic arbitration as in the 52nd minute showed a yellow card to Sporar but changed his mind later … expelling Slavias’ defendant Santos…., for having committed a foul on Sporar. Even though both teams were playing with 10 the Shamrock did not avoid to let in a “cold” goal in the 56th minute by Ousor.

Panathinaikos tried to react immediately without any result, although the team had the opportunity to score with Vayiannidis in the 59th minute.

The result remained unchanged till the end of the game and the Greens will have the heavy duty to overcome the 2-0 defeat of this game in the second leg which will be held next week in Athens.

Slavia Prague:Mantous, Dudera (46’ Ousor), Ousou, Santos, Dorley, Τiehi (46’ Everton), Holes, Sranz (71’ Μazopust), Τrarore (88’ Provod), Olayinka, Lingr (Sevchik).

Panathinaikos: Brignioli, Kotsiras, Ganea, Μagnusson, Sarlija (88’ Pougouras), Ruben, Κourbelis (72’ Κabetsis), Cerin, Αitor (46’ Vayiannidis), Palacios, Sporar (46’ Ιoannidis).