Panathinaikos did an ideal start for 2022/23 season’s Super League. The Greens prevailed by 1-0 over the team of Ionikos at “Ap. Nicolaides” stadium, in the first match day for the championship, offering a good time, many nice moments, dreams and high ambitions for all its fans!

The team started in the same way they closed the last season: a 1-0 victory thanks to a penalty shot by the big specialist Aitor, determined the match. The team of Ivan Jovanovic had to confront a difficult and demanding duel against a dangerous team, though being superior during all the game, Panathinaikos, took a well-deserved victory.

The Greens were pressing till the end of the first half and finally their initiatives were transformed into a goal. In the 45+1’ minute Aitor passed the ball to Sporar, who was in the box. The Slovenian dribbled excellently well Migas and tried to do a second dribble but Choutessiotis, the rival goalie, overthrew him and thus referee Sidiropoulos allowed a penalty. Aitor, the big expert, shot straight to the net and opened the score for the Shamrock in the 48+1’ minute.

Panathinaikos started the second period threatening their rival as Cerin shot in a very nice way toward Choutessiotis’ left corner, in the 48th minute. Then the rhythm of the duel decreased, nevertheless the Greens continued to control the match till the end. In the 76th minute Benjamin Verbic entered the pitch, substituting scorer Aitor and realized his debut wearing the green shirt! In the 88th minute Panathinaikos could have scored for a second time but a shoot by Palacios passed over Choutessiotis crossbar.

Panathinaikos: Brignoli, Κotsiras, Juankar, Μagnusson (33’ Pouggouras), Sarlija, Ruben, Κourbelis (84’ Αlexandropoulos), Cerin, Αitor (76’ Verbic), Palacios, Sporar (83’ Ιoannidis).

Ionikos: Choutessiotis, Tsingrinski, Romao, Αntunes, Μigas, Valerianos, Μassas (87’ Κοkinis), Μendoza (60’ Μilo), Aosman, Ιoannidis (60’ Οfossou), Μantzis (87’ Εlefteriadis).