This was the second consecutive defeat for Panathinaikos in Super League’s Interwetten championship, for the 3rd match day. The Greens lost 1-0 from the team of Aris, exactly like in last Saturday’s match against PAS in the city of Ioannina. The Greens let in a goal very early and could not overcame in spite of the chances they created.

Aris opened the score in the first good play they had in the game and succeeded to keep white sheets till the end, celebrating an important victory; their first one in the championship.  In the 10th minute Bertoglio got a pass from Kamara who moved into Panathinaikos’ box. The Argentinean player of Aris freed himself, carried the ball and passed it back to Kamara who shot it before an empty goalpost and scored.

Panathinaikos accelerated after the first twenty minutes and threatened its rivals twice within two minutes: In the 23rd minute Chatzigiovannis crossed in the heart of Aris’ defense but the shoot of Ioannidis on the move went just a bit outside from Aris’ goalposts. In the 24th minute Ioannidis, again, took the ball after a foul shot by Ruben but his header was stopped by Cuesta who send the ball into a corner.

In the beginning of the second half Aris tried to surprise the Greens but the long shoot of Mancini went out of Dioudis’ posts. Panathinaikos was becoming much more offensive as time was passing. In the 61st minute Mauricio and Palacios entered the pitch and thus the Shamrock accelerated its rhythm pressing to score in three occasions. In the 73rd minute Ioannidis tried to score the equalizer by a strong shoot, which was stopped by rival defendants and in the 76th minute he tried again by a head without chance, though, as the ball was blocked by Cuesta.

Aris: Cuesta, Sundgren, Fabiano, Brabec, Ganea, Jeggo, Sasa (90’ Μatilla), Bruno Gama (71’ Μateo Garcia), Bertoglio (46’ Ndiaye), Μancini (82’ Ιturbe), Κamara.

Panathinaikos: Dioudis, Κotsiras, Pouggouras (86’ Lundqvist), Velez, Juankar, Αlexandropoulos (61’ Μauricio), Ruben, Villafanez (61’ Palacios), Vital, Chatzigiovannis (71’ Carlitos), Ioannidis (86’ Μacheda).