It is true that the victory came late! In Lamia, though, the team performed as a real Panathinaikos!  Lazlo Boloni’s players have played an attractive football, especially during the second half and prevailed over the team of Lamia by 2-0 celebrating their first three pointer for the season. The stars for the “Greens” were striker Carlitos, who scored the two goals of the match and goalie Socrates Dioudis, whose decisive intervention in stopping a penalty shot by Romanic, in the first period, kept the “fragile”, till that moment, score in favor of the Shamrock.

The game started in an ideal way for Panathinaikos, as just in the 8th minute Carlitos, following a corner by Chatziyiovannis, opened the score for the “Greens” by an excellent head. Lamia tried to react and had the great chance to equalize in the 20th minute but Romanic failed to score by penalty. From the 35th minute and on Lazlo Boloni’s players controlled totally the rhythm of the duel and had three important chances to score, till the end of the first half, without a positive result, though.

Panathinaikos appeared even better in the second half and tried to score one more goal in order to establish his first victory for the championship. The second goal came finally in the 60th minute with Carlitos, who scored for a second time, following an initiative from Chatziyiovannis again.

From that very moment onwards things seemed to be much simple for the hosts as they couldn’t threat Dioudis goalposts at all. In the contrary, the Greens could be close to score a third goal if they were a bit more careful in their final efforts. The score didn’t change till the very last whistle of the referee and thus Panathinaikos put an end to the serial of negative results experienced in that ground. It is worthy to note, of course, that this was the official debut of Lucas Villafañez with the Shamrock, after his “come back” into the team.

Lamia: Theodoropoulos, Bahanak, Asigba (46’ Villalba), Antetzo, Vyntra, Bejarano, Skondras, Bouloulis (86’ Saramantas), Deletic, Romanic (77’ Bianconi), Κaramanos (29’ Arabouli, 85’ Τsoukalos).

Panathinaikos: Dioudis, Sanchez, Zagaritis, Pougouras, Shenkevelt, Κourbelis, Μauricio, Xavier (87’ Villafañez), Chatziyiovannis (79’ Mοllo), Carlitos (87’ Κambetsis), Μacheda (82’ Αlexandropoulos).