The bad luck in the away matches for the championship continued for Panathinaikos. The Greens lost 2-1 in Tripolis from Asteras, the local team, in a duel held for the 7th match day of the Super League and thus they lost the opportunity to improve their position in the championship’s score board.

Unlike the … explosive and efficient image the team is presenting in the matches held at Leoforos, the Shamrock couldn’t win in its fourth consecutive game away, creating a negative serial.

This time Panathinaikos opened the score but due to errors and defensive inertia again, the rivals won although the Greens assured ball possession, controlled the game but didn’t dispose of the clear spirit to finish the play.

The first twenty minutes of the game passed without any impressive chance and no team was able to impose its game. In the 20th minute Asteras threatened for the first time with Soni who by a personal effort passed the ball to Barales who shot but the quick intervention of Sanchez dissuaded the threat for the Greens.

On the other hand, the first final effort for Panathinaikos was transformed into a goal: In the 30th minute Ruben Perez passed the ball to Palacios who moved quickly to an empty space; he stood in front of the rival goalkeeper, passed the ball to Carlitos, who was coming from the right side, the Spaniard shot and opened the score for the Greens, scoring his eighth goal for the season.

Asteras answered very quickly and tried to equalize. In the 33rd minute Barales, who was into the area, was overthrown by Pouggouras. The referee whistled a penalty and Barales scored the equalizer. This goal distracted the Greens who lost their balance in the pitch. Asteras took good profit of this fact and in the 45th minute, just before the end of the first half, scored one more goal with Soni, after an assist he received from Sito.

Panathinaikos started the second half with strength trying to score but neither the shoot of Carlitos in the 47th minute nor the one of Ioannidis, in the 59th minute, could reach the rival goalposts. Palacios in the 76th and 93rd minute as Pouggouras in the 95th were not able to change the final score 2-1.

Asteras Tripolis: Τsiftsis, Carmona, Castano, Valiente, Alvarez, Soni (74’ Riera), Santafe (80’ Ιglesias), Μunafo, Regis Crespi (73’ Τilica), Sitο (87’ Αtienza), Barales.

Panathinaikos: Brignoli, Sanchez (75’ Chatzitheodoridis), Juankar (46’ Κotsiras), Pouggouras, Sarlija, Ruben Perez, Alexandropoulos, Vital (46’ Ιoannidis), Chatzigiovanis (86’ Bouzoukis), Palacios, Carlitos.