Many of Panathinaikos’ players were absent, the team didn’t have defined competition incentives and is experiencing a transition period toward a new season with many changes. But Panathinaikos remains always Panathinaikos! Either with an 18 year old unexperienced player in his roster or a talented and great one. Either with an appointed right defender or an experienced player who scoured the pitch playing in that position. As Dimitris Kolovetsios said “the biggest incentive for us is Panathinaikos’ jersey itself”. The final score 0-0 in the derby against Olympiakos in Athens’ Olympic Stadium (OAKA) is fragrantly unjust for the Greens because Panathinaikos was a better team, lost obvious chances and the decisions of the referee created, of course, different circumstances in that duel.

The Greens should have been playing with a numerical advantage for more than 45 minutes as in the 41st minute Ba should have seen the yellow card for a second time in the match and be expelled. In addition the Greens needed badly the reflects of Sokratis Dioudis’ in the 45th+ 5 minute in order not to let in a goal coming from a false penalty, reminding us why the Greek referees should better observe important games from the television set … they have in their living rooms! By all means the whistling of referee Kominis rather concerned … another game!!

Regarding the competition Panathinaikos had good chances to score at a man to man duel with Macheda in the 11th minute, maybe one of the most important of the match or in another occasion when Bouzoukis shot  in the 2nd minute and then in a volley shoot by Chatzitheodoridis in the 61st minute and in another one by Kampetsis in the 90th minute +5′.

In the opposite the Greens reduced all threats toward Dioudis’ goalposts. The 3-4-3 system executed with many coverings didn’t leave space to the rivals to deploy their game and finally, with the exception of the penalty, Panathinaikos’ goalie didn’t feel a great threat.

Panathinaikos: Dioudis, Theocharis, Schenkevelt, Kolovetsios, Chatzitheodoridis, Anuar, Kourbelis, Alexandropoulos (56′ Κampetsis), Bouzoukis (75′ Serpezis), Chatziyiovannis (68′ Κolovos), Μacheda (75′ Perea).

Olympiakos: Sa, Gaspar, Ba (46′ Sise), Semedo, Elabdellaoui, Guilherme, Bouchalakis (46′ Hasan), Camara, Valbuena (64′ Μasouras), Fortounis (64′ Lovera), El Arabi.