Even though Panathinaikos showed an improvement, compared to its previous friendly match against Lamia, they lost from the team of PAOK Thessaloniki, at their last test before the start of the championship. In the first match day of the new championship Panathinaikos will confront Asteras in an away match in Tripolis. The players of Dani Poyatos lost many chances to score, mainly during the second half. The final score 1-0 does not reflect the course of the duel.

The “Greens” entered the game with strength and in the 5th minute they lost a great chance to lead the score when Xavier, being alone before the rival goalkeeper Zivkovic, shot the ball out. Four minutes later Macheda did a nice shoot toward Zivkovic’s posts but the goalie repulsed the ball to a corner.

After the first 20 minutes were completed, PAOK equilibrated the game and created dangerous situations before the goalposts of Christogeorgos. The efforts of the guests succeed in the 40th minute, as Lyratzis shot from the box; the young “Green” goalie rejected the ball with instability and Akpom, who was very close, shot the ball into the net.

In the second half, Dani Poyatos’ footballers improved impressively their performance and created many chances looking for the equalizer. Neverthelessthey were ineffectiveIn the 58th minute Macheda, being in an advantageous position, could not win Zivkovic. In the 67th minute Rey (who entered the game few minutes earlier) rejected impressively an irresistible shoot by Carlitos! Seven minutes later the Spaniard, being into the box, shot again but the ball stopped on the head of Crespo.

The only good moment for the team of Thessaloniki, in the second half, was in the 78th minute, when a shoot by Vrakas passed just by the vertical goalpost of Christogeorgos. The score remained unchanged till the last whistle of the referee and thus Panathinaikos had an undeserved loss, according to its image, some days before the inauguration of the new championship.

Panathinaikos: Christogeorgos, Sanchez (81’ Samaras), Velez (71’ Κarayiannis), Pouggouras, Mavromatis, Ayoub, Serpezis, Τzavidas (60’ Αthanassakopoulos), Xavier (78’ Chatziyiovannis), Carlitos, Μacheda.

PΑΟΚ: Zivkovic (60’ Rey), Mihojevic (72’ Panagiotou), Varela (60’ Τahatos), Crespo, Lyratzis, Esiti, Schwab (46’ Ninua), Biseswar (72’ Vrakas), Jaba (87’ Yiaktsis), Αkpom (60’ Koulierakis), Swiderski (60’ Koutsias).