Panathinaikos left Thessaloniki winning the match against Aris, as well, thanks to a goal scored by Kolovos in the 75th minute of the duel, after a splendid head-butt. The “Greens” created many opportunities and the final score can be considered rather “poor” comparing the course of the match.

In “Kleanthis Vikelidis” stadium, Panathinaikos not only had to confront the team of Aris but a bad arbitration as well. Referee Vreskas awarded a penalty at the beginning for a foul of Alexandropoulos over Gama, which never happened! The VAR … saved the referee some minutes later when he revoked his decision for a second penalty in favor of the team of Thessaloniki.

The “Shamrock” players were superior to their rivals during all the first half and have been threatened only at the moment of the penalty, erroneously awarded in the 39th minute by referee Vreskas, who had to consult the VAR during four minutes…. From their side Panathinaikos’ footballers had many opportunities to lead the score but neither Kampetsis in the 8th and in the 22nd minute nor Zagaritis in the third minute of the additional time were able to find the target!

The second half was an offensive monologue for the “Greens”! Panathinaikos has had many opportunities to score before and after Kolovos’ goal but without success though, so the final result 0-1 sealed both teams’ efforts.

Aris: Cuesta, Bakoutsis (78’ Diamantopoulos), Delizisis, Bagalianis, Rose, Sasa, Matilla, Fetfatzidis, Martinez (72’ Souza), Gama, Mancini.

Panathinaikos: Xenopoulos, Kolovetsios, Schenkeveld, Kourbelis, Zagaritis, Athanasakopoulos (59’ Kolovos), Anuar, Alexandropoulos (59’ Serpezis), Bouzoukis (83’ Beck), Chatziyiovannis (84’ Theocharis), Kampetsis (59’ Macheda).