Panathinaikos was explosive in the first match day of the Super League Interwetten championship. The Greens realized an excellent appearance and prevailed over the team of Apollon Smyrnis by 4-0 in a match held at Apostolos Nicolaides stadium doing a radiant debut of the season.

The Shamrock had a ravishing appearance doing nice plays and correct combinations on the pitch. The team sent the ball to the goalposts, had good chances and scored four goals, celebrating a big victory, offering great moments of joy to all the Green fans who were present in Leoforos stadium for the kick off of this season’s championship.

Panathinaikos entered the pitch in a very good mood wiling to press its rival. Nonetheless, due to the anxiety because of its first match day, the team needed a while till they started to act. Apollon had two chances in the 22nd minute with Slivka and in the 25th with Dauda but Dioudis stopped the ball without letting him to score.

The Shamrock started to… accelerate after the 25th minute. In the 27th minute he team was close to score its first goal several times. Finally the Greens scored their first goal in the 30th minute with Mauricio, the Brazilian midfielder, who took profit of a shoot of his compatriot, Vital, slightly stopped by the rival goalkeeper.

In the second half the Greens developed their game even more, especially from the left wing. The second goal was scored by Carlitos after a cross by Juankar.

Coach Jovanovic replaced Alexandropoulos with Mauricio and Lundkvist with Ioannides. In the 54th minute Apollon’s player Fatjon was expelled after receiving a second yellow card due to a hard play on Alexandropoulos. In the 67th minute Carlitos lost a good chance to score as Verhoulst stopped the ball impressively. Then Vital took the ball and scored but his goal was disallowed by the referee as he was positioned off side. The Greens continued their crazy rhythm and in the 73rd minute they scored again with Carlitos who modified the result in 3-0. The fourth and final goal was scored by Alexandropoulos who shot a “thunderbolt” 30 meters away from Verhoulst’s goalposts sealing the final result 4-0, in the best possible way.

Panathinaikos: Dioudis, Kotsiras, Juankar, Velez, Sarlja, Ruben, Μauricio (46’ Αlexandropoulos), Αitor (65’ Chatzigiovannis), Vital (75’ Palacios), Lundqvist (46’ Ioannidis), Carlitos.

Apollon Smyrnis: Verhoulst, Dedakis, Τoutouarima, Lisgaras, Dominguez, Fation, Slivka (64’ Μatei), Castro, Tsiloulis (64’ La Para), Sahli (55’ Pamlidis), Dauda (64’ Ν. Ιoannidis).